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Aug 28, 2015 - City of Arvada to Launch New Website

Coming Thursday, September 17, 2015:  The New and Improved!  

Big Changes

Screenshots of old Arvada websites (,,

  • will be brought back to
    You’ll still have access to all of the public safety information you do now, but you won’t have to go to a separate website to find it.
  • will be brought back to .
    You will be able to get the latest news and info from AURA on our primary website.
  • The website will look very different.
    The homepage will include featured stories, news, events, and important city government information.  Across the site, you’ll have category-based navigation to help you find the information you’re looking for.
  • You’ll have access to a full events calendar.
    The calendar can be browsed by month, day, or even event category. You’ll be able to export events to your calendar of choice (Google, Outlook, etc.).
  • Our website search is going to be much faster and include more information.
    ​With just one search, you’ll be able to find articles, events, municipal codes, and more.


Common Questions

  • Why Are You Redesigning the Site?
    For you! We want to make sure that our visitors can find and share information easily. Our new design allows us to organize information by category. We’re hoping that this will help you to find all of the resources you need.
  • Will My Bookmarks and/or Favorites Still Work?
    Yes, they will! Unless a page or article has been removed in favor of a more recent article, all of your favorites should work just fine.  
  • Can I still Use _____?
    • Ask Arvada – Yes!
      In fact, it should be easier to use. We’ve integrated all of our Ask Arvada F.A.Q. and service requests into our main site.
    • Address and Property Search – Absolutely.
      The property search will be easier than ever to access. You can get to it from any page that you are on using the all-new My Arvada Property Search tool. You can also access an advanced property search for detailed information about any property.
    • OpenData – You sure can!
      OpenData will be easier to get to and navigate. You can explore great datasets on everything from maps to water quality.
  • Are There Videos on the New Website?
    You’ll be able to explore all of Channel 8’s recent content easily in our all-new video gallery. City Council videos will be right on the homepage.  You’ll be able to get to our YouTube channel, too, to browse current and historical stories.
  • Can I Still Watch Channel 8 Live?
    You will be able to access the live video stream from Channel 8 whenever you want! If you miss a show, you can catch up anytime using our video gallery or on our YouTube channel.
  • What if I have a Problem, Concern, or Question about the New Website?
    Please let us know! We want this resource to be valuable to you. If you encounter an issue, or if you have a concern or question, you can use Ask Arvada to let us know about it. We'll continue working to improve our website in order to give you the best possible experience. If you share issues with us, it will help us improve the site for everyone.