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City of Arvada Engineer Receives Professional Manager of the Year Award

Each year, the American Public Works Association (APWA) Colorado Chapter honors individuals, programs, and projects to recognize outstanding professionals who represent the best in the public works profession. In late 2017, City of Arvada Engineer Chris Proper was presented with the prestigious award: Professional Manager of the Year – Engineer for Large City. Chris Proper Engineer of the Year 2017

Chris’ nomination acknowledged her "exceptional leadership and vision for the City of Arvada."  Colleagues stated that "Chris has an incredible ability to identify obstacles and develop solutions that align with the City’s strategic results. She serves as a mentor and role model for the entire Engineering department. As a female professional, she provides inspiration to other women entering the engineering profession. As a professional manager, she brings intelligence, empathy, style, and tenacity to her work." Chris was recognized for being a "top notch leader, coach, engineer, and teammate.”

About the APWA

The American Public Works Association (APWA) serves professionals in all aspects of public works—a fact that sets it apart from other organizations and makes it an effective voice of public works throughout North America. With a worldwide membership more than 30,000 strong, APWA includes not only personnel from local, county, state/province, and federal agencies, but also private sector personnel who supply products and services to those professionals. For more information about the APWA visit