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City Continues Phased Reopening of City Facilities

The City team is following a phased approach to the reopening of facilities to allow all team members to be trained in safety requirements and to ensure all necessary materials and equipment to adjust facilities to accommodate physical distancing can be acquired and applied. The Municipal Court and PD community stations re-opened mid-May. The next phase of reopening, June 1 - 15, included a hybrid meeting approach to City Council meetings, and the re-opening of playgrounds, play courts and the skateparks. During the process, the City will continue to provide most services remotely. City services updates are provided at

Be sure to call the City of Arvada at 720-898-7000 during business hours to verify if a facility or service is available.

Please note: This information applies to City buildings, not to businesses in Arvada, which are encouraged to follow state and local health orders.