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COA Waste and Recycling Program on regular schedule The City of Arvada's Waste and Recycling Program is following the regular pick up schedule. There is no delay for the holiday. Please place your...
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City Facilities Closed Monday, March 15; Remote Services Available (including City Council Meeting at 6 p.m.)

City of Arvada facilities will be closed Monday, March 15, due to snow accumulation and projected continued accumulation. Remote services will remain available, as provided during the COVID-19 pandemic. Members of the community are encouraged to review the City’s COVID-19 web pages or to call the City of Arvada at 720-898-7000 during business hours to confirm how best to access services. The Arvada City Council meeting will be held virtually at 6 p.m. Visit

In response to the ongoing winter storm, the City has declared a snow emergency and is expanding snow plowing activities. We appreciate the community's patience as we first clear primary and secondary routes and then expand to other streets in the City. 

With snow, wind and low temperatures continuing, residents and visitors are encouraged to avoid traveling in the hazardous conditions and avoiding exposure to cold temperatures. If traveling during a snow event, the community is reminded to give snow plows a wide berth.

View additional tips for staying safe during the storm. Updates regarding the City’s response to the storm will be provided here and on social media.