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City Council Approves Organized Waste Hauling

After more than 18 months of extensive research, analysis and public engagement, the Arvada City Council has approved an organized, citywide waste hauling system. At its June 15 business meeting, Council held a public hearing and approved the related ordinance and agreements to institute the system by a vote of 4 to 3. 

The goal of the organized waste hauling system is to reduce the number of waste hauling trucks on City streets; to reduce wear and tear on roads; to reduce noise and air pollution; as well as to reduce the costs of trash hauling services for most residents. Additionally, an organized system is expected to increase recycling options and improve the quality of customer service to the community.

Through a competitive proposal process, the City team negotiated an agreement with the waste hauling company Republic Services that fulfilled the project requirements. Council considered the proposed agreement and the related ordinance as part of the June 15 meeting, along with hundreds of pieces of feedback from constituents, including more than 150 statements provided during the meeting. 

A recording of the meeting is available at

As part of next steps in the project, the City and Republic Services will finalize an implementation plan. Within the next six to 12 months, the City is expected to select a cart provider and residents will be invited to choose cart sizes. The program is slated to begin July 2021.

Arvada residents have consistently indicated that an efficient waste hauling system is important to them. Based on results from the last three community surveys and recommendations from the citizen-based Arvada Sustainability Advisory Committee, the City Council directed the City team to explore an organized waste hauling system.

Details about the project and next steps, including implementation, will be posted to the project website ( as they become available.