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City Begins 10-year Review of City Charter

The Arvada City Council has formed a Charter Review Committee to review and recommend amendments, deletions or other changes to the City Charter.

Every ten years, Arvada Municipal Code requires a review of the City Charter, the legal document that describes the powers and essential functions of local government. The Charter review and subsequent updates ensure that it evolves to meet the needs of the community.

As part of this process, the Arvada City Council appointed a 20-member committee to perform the comprehensive Charter review at its Jan. 11 meeting. The committee will hold three virtual public meetings in February and March to discuss Charter issues identified by City Council, along with any other issues that may be raised by Committee members or through public comment.

The Charter Review Committee will present written recommendations to the City Council in April, and based on Council’s feedback, the City Attorney's Office will draft a resolution containing Charter revisions. If City Council approves the resolution, the issues will be included on the ballot for voter consideration as part of the November 2021 election.

Arvada residents will have the opportunity to provide feedback during the Charter review meetings, via email ( and by phone (720-898-7500), and as part of the City Council public hearing, where councilmembers will discuss and potentially approve recommended amendments to the Charter.

For additional information regarding the City Charter Review process, visit