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City Approves 2021 Harvest Festival Parade as Part of Amended Special Events Permit

The City of Arvada has approved the special events permit for the 2021 Harvest Festival Parade, scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 11. 

The Harvest Festival Committee’s special events permit application also included other festival components, including a carnival and midway, which were not approved this year. The City acknowledges that the absence of these festival components may be disappointing to some. In part, the community’s response to the global pandemic, including the semi-permanent street closures in Olde Town, meant that the traditional locations of the carnival and midway were not possible this year. 

After careful review of logistical details such as available parking, impacts to public rights-of-way and area amenities, as well as proximity of potential alternative locations to current construction along Ralston Road and other impacts, the City denied the carnival and midway components of the special events application.

The City has informed the Harvest Festival Committee of the permit approval and of the decision to not approve the carnival and midway components, and is now focused on supporting the Harvest Festival Committee in delivering a safe and enjoyable parade experience this year.

The City of Arvada has been a proud partner of the Harvest Festival for many years, providing significant in-kind support each year, and providing public safety and traffic control support during the event.

The Arvada Harvest Festival, which commemorates the history of the once primarily farming community of Arvada, began in October 1925 to celebrate the completion of the first concrete road (Grandview Ave.) between Arvada and Denver. Over the decades, the festival has been operated primarily by the Arvada Jaycees and originally by the Arvada Chamber of Commerce with the support of the City of Arvada. 

Most recently, this cultural and historic celebration has been produced, organized and hosted by the Arvada Jaycees, dedicated community volunteers and the Arvada Junior Chamber Foundation's 501 (c) 3 status with the continued support of the City of Arvada. Learn more about the festival at