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July 13, 2015 - Citizen Capital Improvement Plan Committee Completes Work

ARVADA, CO, July 2015…… Last summer, the Arvada City Council tasked 21 Arvada citizens with the challenging work of prioritizing some $540 million dollars’ worth of unfunded capital projects in the City—everything from transportation and parks improvements to facilities needs to fiber conduit.  Over the course of eight months, these dedicated citizens devoted hundreds of hours to studying and then prioritizing a list of specific capital projects and major capital maintenance needs identified for the City’s ten-year Capital Improvements Plan (CIP).


The 21 Committee members, representing the geographic and social diversity of the broader community, set out to evaluate and prioritize projects, working with a potential 10-year CIP budget of $72 million.  The project evaluation criteria were:


  • Replacement or improvement of existing assets
  • Economic impact and return on investment
  • Quality of life
  • Safety
  • Service to underserved population
  • Increased connectivity
  • Included in a City Council goal or staff recommendation
  • Included in the City’s Comprehensive Plan


At a July 13 Workshop, the Committee presented their final report to an appreciative and enthusiastic City Council.  Mayor Marc Williams told the group, “The product you have given us is second to none.  The way you approached this project and your list of justifications makes a tremendous amount of sense.  Your willingness to work together and put aside differences, your ability to do this by consensus, is incredibly impressive.”  He concluded,  “We’ve got some tough decisions to make, and I know we can count on you to provide guidance.”


Councilmember Don Allard added, “I would like to personally thank each of you and commend you for what I consider to be just an outstanding report, probably the best I’ve seen.”


The Arvada City Council will study the Committee’s recommendations as part of the revised 2015-2016 budget process.