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Explosive at Goodwill Store Identified

UPDATE:   Arvada Police have determined the Claymore mine placed at the Goodwill Store, 7547 W. 80th Avenue, was authentic; however, it did not have the capability of exploding.   

The Claymore mine found at the site was a training device. These particular devices are inert, which meant it did not have an explosive component.   

Investigators have not identified the individual who responsible for placing the mine at the Arvada Goodwill store on Tuesday afternoon.

One theory is that someone was possibly clearing a home and/or garage and may not even have been aware what the item was when they brought it to the charity center.

Arvada Police responded to the Goodwill store on Tuesday, July 21, 2009 at 11:24 a.m. after store employees reported finding a suspicious package in one of their drop off bins.   

Employees advised police the package appeared to be some type of a mine or explosive device.  The device was found by an employee familiar with military explosive devices. 

Officers evacuated the businesses in the strip mall surrounding the Goodwill store, while members of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department Bomb Squad worked to identify and dispose of the device.  

The device was disposed of, and no one was injured during the incident.  

The device was identified as a Claymore mine. It is unknown at this time whether the device was functional.

The Claymore mine is a directional anti-personnel mine used by the military. It fires shrapnel in the form of steel balls, out to about 100 meters in front of the device. It is used primarily in ambushes and as an anti-infiltration device against enemy infantry.  

Investigation will be ongoing to determine who left the package at the store.