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Assist to Denver Police Department Leads to Additional Investigation as Methamphetamine and Bomb-Making Materials Found

(Arvada) – The Arvada Police Department, working in conjunction with Denver Police, discovered materials associated with the manufacturing of methamphetamine and bombs in a home located in the 8100 block of Chase Dr.

Denver Police contacted the Arvada Police Department at approximately 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, August 25 to assist with a search of the residence. The search was part of an on-going investigation by Denver Police into a series of auto thefts. During the search of the premise, officers discovered the materials.

The Arvada PD and Denver PD arrested three individuals, but names are not being released due to the on-going investigations of both departments. There were three juveniles in the residence at the time of the arrests, ranging in age from 8- to 15-years-old.


About Arvada Police

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