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Arvada to Conduct National Recruitment for Next Police Chief

For information on the Police Chief Recruitment requirements/process, visit

Arvada, CO ……Arvada City Manager Mark Deven recently announced that he will conduct a national recruitment for the City’s next Chief of Police.

Mr. Deven stated,  “This decision should not be interpreted as a sign that I do not value any of our internal candidates. In fact, I believe our internal candidates will compete very well in a national recruitment because we have an excellent Police Department staffed and supported by excellent leaders, officers, and civilian employees. I am very confident that any internal candidate will be among all candidates that would merit serious consideration.”

The selection process will allow opportunities for City employees and community members to meet the final candidates and offer formal and informal feedback.   

It is anticipated that the new Chief of Police will be announced by early summer of 2018.  More information on timing and process will be provided as it becomes available.

“The selection of Arvada’s next Chief of Police is a major decision which will impact our organization and community for years to come,” Deven said.

The interim Arvada Chief of Police is Ed Brady, who served as Deputy Chief under Chief Don Wick.  Wick retired on December 15, 2017 after 32 years of service.