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Arvada Ridge Next Steps Study Project

We are seeking public input regarding connectivity and the Arvada Ridge Station. Please review the information regarding the Next Steps Study Project and provide your input below.

Study Background

The City of Arvada, in partnership with other local and regional partners, kicked off a study in late 2016 to further investigate access and connectivity within ½ mile of the Arvada Ridge Station Area. The Arvada Ridge Station is slated to open in 2017 as a part of the Regional Transportation District’s (RTD) G-Line. The Arvada Ridge Station Next Steps Study findings will serve as a guide for City staff to construct multi modal network improvements in the station area over time.

Study Purpose

The Arvada Ridge Station Next Steps Study will:

  • Consolidate findings and recommendations from previous studies in the area;
  • Refresh and expand on previous studies and analyzes to understand multi modal access needs in the station area;
  • Identify issue areas and develop solutions for bicycle, pedestrian, transit and vehicular improvements to improve access within the station area;
  • Utilize evaluation criteria to prioritize issue areas; and
  • Conduct conceptual design of the highest priorities.

Public Involvement

The project team held a public meeting January 26, 2017 at the APEX Field house to garner input from the public about access and connectivity issues and opportunities around the station. The public was also asked to review preliminary improvement recommendations and to identify their two highest priorities. This information was used to develop the priority projects. Review the public meeting materials.

We Need Your Input

Now that the team has completed technical analysis of the study area and has gathered input from the community, improvement recommendations have been developed and are ready for public review and comment. Identified improvement include sidewalk and bicycle connections, pedestrian crossings, traffic enhancements, and transit amenities. The map below indicates the project identified as high of connectivity project


View the full list of recommendations and project details.

Please submit any comments about the projects that have been identified as priorities for the Arvada Ridge Station Area to:

Next Steps

In April, after public review and comment on the priority improvement recommendations and phasing, the project team will finalize the station area recommendations and the anticipated timeframe for implementation over time. Upon finalization of the recommendations, conceptual design will commence for the priority projects, which will then move on to final design and construction as funding allows. It is anticipated that the immediate priority projects will be constructed in the next one to five years. 

Arvada Ridge Schedule