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Arvada Residents Share Eclipse Photos

Like much of the rest of the country, Arvada residents were out in force watching the August 21 solar eclipse. While many fascinating photos of the actual eclipse were submitted on the City's Facebook page, equally fascinating were photos of the shadows the eclipse cast onto patios, decks, even the Olde Town Arvada parking garage! We have to admit that the City staff's favorite eclipse photo was the Eclipse viewed through the hole of a chocolate donut. After all, what's an event without a proper feast, right?

Thanks to all who submitted and provided us with a gallery of 2017 Eclipse photos as seen through the eys of Arvadans!


For photo credits or to see original photos or add your own, check out our  2017 Eclipse post on Facebook!

Photo Credit Anna Boh
Photo Credit Carrie Briscoe
Photo Credit Cece McCloskey Harris
Photo Credit Crystal Richmond
Photo Credit Flannery Brady Abrahmson
Photo Credit Greg Johnston
Photo Credit Greg Johnston
Photo Credit Karolynn Hernandez
Photo Credit Margie Meehan Corpron
Photo Credit Maria Brewer
Photo Credit Marianne Herman
Photo Credit Michael Stollsteimer
Photo Credit Robin Kimbrel Wiggs
Photo Credit Robin Kimbrel Wiggs
Photo Credit Samrat R Adhikari
Photo Credit Sandra Deleon
Photo Credit Scott Nelson
Photo Credit Tomas Martinez
Photo Credit Trina Bagby
Photo Credit Wendy Frank Fetterolf