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COA Waste and Recycling Program on regular schedule The City of Arvada's Waste and Recycling Program is following the regular pick up schedule. There is no delay for the holiday. Please place your...
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Arvada Residential Waste and Recycling Collection Service Level Selection Happening Now

The City team is aware that many residents received a text message about service level selection for waste hauling. The message was not sent by the City. The City is not communicating by text regarding this program. The text has created a high volume of calls requesting information on the COA Waste Hauling program. Below is information to assist you in making your service level selection.

By the end of this week, most eligible households will receive a mailer that provides information about choosing a service level in the City’s Waste and Recycling service. The mailing includes service level information, a verification code for the property and instructions for how to make your selection. The verification code is needed to make a selection online or over the phone. If you lost your verification code, the City team can help. Please email with your address. 

Residents can choose between the following service levels:

  • Level 1—35-gallon trash cart (holds three 13-gallon waste bags) and 95-gallon recycling cart for $11.50 per month.

  • Level 2—65-gallon trash cart (holds six 13-gallon waste bags) and 95-gallon recycling cart for $15.63 per month.

  • Level 3—95-gallon trash cart (holds ten 13-gallon waste bags) and 95-gallon recycling cart for $19.76 per month.

  • Minimum Service—Residents hire or maintain their own hauler for $5.13 per month.

Residents have until April 16 to make their service level selection. If the City does not receive a selection for an eligible household, the household will be automatically enrolled in Level 3 service and will receive a 95-gallon waste cart and a 95-gallon recycle cart in June. The service level selection mailings were sent in batches so some households may not receive their mailing until the end of this week. 

The City’s contractors will deliver carts to customers in June, and the first day of service will be July 5. Republic Services will send service calendars to participating customers in the coming weeks.Waste and Recycling service fees will begin appearing on City of Arvada water utility bills in September 2021.

The City has developed Frequently Asked Questions to assist residents in decision making. For additional information and questions, Arvada residents can visit