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Arvada Police Warn of Spring Construction Scams

Arvada, Colorado – It's spring, and the warmer weather often brings with it travelers who are committing home repair scams and burglaries.

These scam artists often go door-to-door asking to do home repairs and or tree/lawn care. The work they do is often shoddy and/or left unfinished.

When it comes to letting someone into your home for repairs, be wary and do your homework. The Arvada Police recommend:

  • Ask trusted friends and neighbors if they recommend anyone.
  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and the local chamber of commerce for business recommendations and to inquire if the business has any complaints.
  • Ask for references. Legitimate businesses will gladly give you the name of previous customers whom you can (and should) call regarding their services.
  • NEVER pay in full up-front.
  • Be cautious of solicitors. Distraction burglaries are a common tactic of these people.  One person will distract the resident at the front door while a second person will go through a back door and steal purses/wallets. 

“It is far easier to prevent these types of crimes than it is to try and track down these criminals, who are quickly in and out of our state,” said Deputy Chief Creager. “By letting our neighbors know what to look for and how to protect themselves, we hope to stop these guys before they even get started.”