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Arvada Police in Olde Town

Arvada Police officers saturated Olde Town through the Directed Police Intervention (DPI) program when the sun was hot and the grass was green last summer. The patrol effort was based on crime stats for the area which had shown an increase.

At the conclusion of the 2009 DPI effort, crime dropped 20% while arrests increased.

With frosty temperatures and snow blanketing the ground, members of the Arvada Police Department have once again targeted the Olde Town area for additional patrol efforts.

"We have talked with business owners who expressed concerns about loitering issues and other crime-related topics, and have since re-focused efforts in the Olde Town area," said Commander Link Strate.

The Arvada Police Department is encouraging the Olde Town community to either call the police department at 720-898-6900, or talk with an officer working in the area when they see anything suspicious or have specific questions.

Police warn not to engage those taking part in criminal activity.

"We're making a concerted effort to have a visible presence in the Olde Town area to not only address criminal issues but to engage the business community and residents to learn of their concerns and challenges as well as offer crime prevention information," said Commander Strate.