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Arvada Police Break Ground on New Community Stations



(Arvada, CO) – Arvada city management, elected officials and city employees broke ground today on two new community police stations.



The Lake Arbor Community Station at 81st Avenue & Vance Street and the West Woods Community Station at 64th Avenue and Kedrick Drive are slated to open in February 2014.


“This is a significant day in the history of how we serve our community,” said Police Chief Don Wick. “When these two stations open in Spring 2014, it will solidify our commitment to community-based policing.”


The Arvada Police Department fully implemented community-based policing in February 2013 when it embarked on a decentralized policing model.  


That decentralized model embraces a new way of organizing the department to make it more fluid, collaborative, networked and responsive to the community. Officers are assigned specific areas of the city for which they are responsible. This type of deployment allows police to provide a higher quality of police service to the community because officers are more intimately familiar with their assigned area and with the citizens who live in that area.  

The new Arvada policing model capitalizes on:

  • the knowledge, skills and abilities of its police force;
  • the collaborative efforts of neighborhood revitalization groups and other organized efforts such as Neighbors Connected, Building Blocks and The Art of Neighboring;
  • the development of closer relationships with the law abiding community members, businesses and members of the faith-based community; and,
  • the department’s existing relationships by leveraging programs such as Crime Free Multi-housing, the School Resource Officers (SRO) and Community Response Impact Team (CRIT).


Arvada City Council approved the construction of the two new community stations at the June 17 City Council meeting by a vote of 7-0. The cost of the two new stations is $8 million. Arvada Police were able to economize on previous years budgets, allowing the stations to be built with existing funds.

“Chief Wick and his dedicated team of officers have always maintained a low crime rate and strong relationships within the community,” said Mayor Marc Williams. “The addition of these two community stations is yet another benefit for Arvada by keeping us connected and safe while helping us maintain our City's reputation as a premier place to live, work and play.” 

“Our motto is, ‘Police like you live here’. We know that relationships among our officers, the residents, businesses and other community members are a key component to preventing and reducing crime. By having officers operate out of the station in the sector they are assigned, we will understand more about our community and learn how to better partner with community members, therefore making our motto more meaningful,” said Wick.


About Arvada Police
The Arvada Police department, established in 1945, was the first agency in Colorado to be accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies. Arvada boasts one of the lowest crime rates in the metro area. Over 230 employees serve more than 100,000 residents and businesses and are committed to the principles of responsibility, dedication and respect. Learn more by visiting or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


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