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Arvada Crime Maps and Stats Available to Public

Up-to-date Arvada crime statistics are just a “click” away,  free of charge, 24-hours a day. 

The Arvada Police Department recently partnered with two companies, RAIDS Online, headquartered in Highlands Ranch, and Crime Reports, to provide the latest crime statistics for people to access from their computers. 

“One of the most frequently asked questions from citizens involves crime rates in their neighborhoods and the city as a whole,” said Arvada Police Deputy Chief Gary Creager. “Our citizens now have access to crime statistics, general information and other detailed analysis through these two sites.” 

Query features on both sites offer visitors the ability to search several crimes at one time or simply look at one specific type of incident. 

Arvada Police Department crime statistics are synced with both web sites every 24 hours to ensure citizens have access to the very latest crime data in the city. 

RAIDs online offers a blog service where police departments across the country share crime information and crime prevention tips. There are also citizen alerts, extensive mapping, as well as in-depth analytical components to aid citizens in their searches of crime information. 

Citizens are encouraged to visit both sites to learn of the capabilities of each service. 

“The Arvada Police Department has enjoyed an outstanding partnership with its citizens. We believe the availability of current crime information will further strengthen our connection with residents as they will be even more aware of what to look for in their neighborhoods,” said Police Chief Don Wick. 

One of the areas Chief Wick would like to see more awareness is related to car break-ins. “This is a crime of opportunity that has dramatically impacted our community,” said Chief Wick. " 

To visit the sites, you can find links at or through the crime statistic sites directly RAIDS Online and Crime Reports.