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July 10, 2015 - Arvada Center Moves Toward Non Profit Status

Arvada, CO.....At their July 6, 2015 meeting, the Arvada City Council voted 7 – 0 to authorize a cooperative agreement between the City and the Non-Profit Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities.

“This agreement is the result of extensive thought and consideration to make sure we protect and preserve the wonderful asset we have in the Arvada Center, but at the same time give it the opportunity to thrive and grow with greater input and assistance from the philanthropic community,” said Mayor Marc Williams.

In July of 2014, the City Council appointed five members to the Arvada Council for the Arts and Humanities Board for the purpose of restructuring a non-profit organization that would operate the Arvada Center.  This Board negotiated with City representatives to structure an agreement whereby the Non-Profit would uphold and carry out the mission of the Arvada Center, and to create the most effective, efficient, and economical operation of the Center.   In short, while the City of Arvada will continue to provide a set level of financial support to the Center, beginning in July of 2016 the organization and its employees will transition to a non-profit with the goal of achieving a higher level of income contributed through donations and philanthropic support. 

Board chair Ken Fellman stated, “Our board is pleased with the unanimous support of the City Council for the Cooperative Agreement, and we have already been working on transition issues and a process for expanding the board and seeking additional financial resources for the Arvada Center.”

Of the negotiations, City Manager Mark Deven stated, “I am grateful for the City Council’s action and all of the hard work that has been expended on this effort by many people.  We believe this cooperative agreement will be successful in attracting new partners to the Arvada Center which will enhance the already excellent arts and humanities events that are offered there.”

The potential level of philanthropic support was summarized in a study commissioned by the City in 2012 that was completed by The Kellogg Organization, which concluded that the Arvada Center could increase total annual contributed income from its current level of about $300,000 up to approximately $2 million under a different governance structure.  

Arvada Center Executive Director Philip Sneed stated, “This is a watershed moment in the history of the Arvada Center.  The transition will be complete in time for our 40th anniversary in 2016, and I can't think of a better way to move into our second 40 years.  The Center has matured to the point where this is the next logical step, and we're very excited by the opportunities this presents for stabilizing and expanding, in order to serve even more people in future years.”

A copy of the City Council Ordinance and Cooperative Agreement can be viewed here.