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2016 Blizzard Highlights: Arvada Facts and Photos

Blizzard Facts

  • The official snowfall total for Arvada was 16.5 inches although neighborhoods in some areas measured more than 20 inches!
  • At various times throughout the day, Highway 93, Indiana St. and W.86th Pkwy were closed due to blizzard conditions, traffic accidents and downed utility lines.
  • Arvada Fire Protection crews were called out to shoot water at traffic signals where traffic lights, obscured by snow and ice build up, were causing traffic hazards.
  • Xcel Energy reported that an estimated 288,000 customers throughout the metro area experienced power outages during the storm, and Arvada Fire was called to respond to several Arvada residents whose respirators or other medical equipment could not operate without power. Xcel crews worked throughout Wednesday and into Thursday before all power was finally restored. 

City's Response 

  • The City's Emergency Coordination Center was activated at 8 a.m. with storm briefings conducted continuously throughout the day.
  • Street crews, with all 20 trucks deployed, worked around the clock for nearly 24 hours to clear Arvada streets, and fleet maintenance staff worked around the clock to keep those trucks in working condition. 
  • Parks staff worked 12 hour shifts to open up trails and pedestrian paths.
  • Arvada Police responded to downed trees, a downed power pole, trees on power lines, traffic hazards, stalled vehicles, closed roadways and much more!

Arvada Resident Photos: 

Arvada residents submitted photos via the City's Facebook page throughout the day. We selected a few of our favorites to share with you!

Olde Town Water Tower Winter wonderland yard
Beginning of the Storm Car covered in snow Covered yard
Wind chimes in the storm Family enjoying playing in the snow Snow man
Car covered in in snow
Measuring tape in snow