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20 of 22 Arvada Businesses Pass Liquor License Compliance Check

A liquor license compliance check conducted by the Arvada Police Department resulted in two violations for sales to a minor the week of January 11, 2010.

The following establishments denied alcohol sales to the volunteer minor when he could not provide identification showing he was over 21 years of age.

Loaf & Jug, 16355 W. 64th Ave.

Westwoods Wine & Spirits, 16255 W. 64 Ave.

Mile High Wine Cellars, 15400 W. 64 Ave.

King Soopers, 15200 W. 64 Ave.

Town Center Liquors, 14455 W. 64 Ave.

Safeway, 12680 W. 64 Ave.

King Soopers, 12350 W. 64th Ave.

Gas & Food Store, 6215 Carr St.

Triangle Liquors, 9545 W. 58 Ave.

U.S. Wine & Liquor, 9464 W. 58 Ave.

Red Lion, 9502 W. 58th Ave.

Tea Garden, 10290 W. 64th Ave.

Villa Napoli, 12006 W. 64th Ave.

Diamond Shamrock, 5790 Ward Rd.

Ralston SquareLiquors, 6318 Ward Rd.

Randi's Pizza, 12312 W. 64th Ave.

Rossi's Liquors, 12399 W. 64th Ave.

7-Eleven, 6490 Ward Rd.

Simm's Liquor, 11651 W. 64th Ave.

Casa Blanca Mexican Restaurant, 11651 W. 64 Ave.

The two violations occurred at Udi's At Grandview, 7600 Grandview Ave. and at a Conoco market at 14405 W. 64th Ave. The employees were issued summonses in each of the incidents

The Arvada Police Department's Liquor Licensing Investigator conducts routine inspections of businesses to ensure workers are in compliance with laws associated with liquor licenses issued in the city.