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Special Assignments

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These are some of the many special assignment opportunities available at the Arvada Police Department. Lateral-entry officers are eligible after successfully completing their probationary period (approximately one year). Special assignment eligibility requirements for recruit officers vary by assignment. Recruit officers who perform well as a member of patrol have vast opportunities within the department that open up in just a few short years. 


Are you a puzzle solver? Do you like searching for clues? Are you fascinated by science and forensics? Well, the Criminal Investigations Bureau might be right up your alley. We are looking for those who love to solve crimes and have an eye for detail.  These are just some of the traits that make highly successful criminal investigators. 


Be on the front end of the excitement as a member of the K9 unit. K9 officers train regularly with their four-legged partners and participate in building searches, drug raids, bomb sweeps, suspect tracking and more.  K9 Officers are also members of the Jefferson County Region SWAT team. 


Forget the television show – be a real-life Grisham as part of the Arvada Police Department’s CSI team. This highly-trained team of sworn and non-sworn  individuals is regarded as one of the best in the state.  From fingerprint analysis to blood spatter, be on the front-end of crime solving using science and forensics. 


Be a part of the West Metro Drug Task Force as a member of the Arvada Police Special Investigations Unit (SIU), investigating illegal drug activity and vice crimes such as prostitution and gambling. Members of this Unit are dedicated to pro-active strategies targeting street level dealers and users that negatively impact neighborhoods throughout the west metro area.  The SIU works closely with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to combat illegal drug trafficking and other crimes such as sex trafficking. 

Field Training Officer

If your dream is to mentor the next generation of law enforcement professionals, then the role of Field Training Officer (FTO) is for you!  As an FTO you have an enormous responsibility in shaping the lives and characters of new recruits.  You help build the organizational culture using proven leadership principles and Arvada Police ethos while focusing on the agency mission goals of Respect, Dedication, and  Responsibility.  


Special Weapons and Tactics officers—AKA SWAT—are the “best of the best.”  They are characterized as high performers in all they do, have exceptional moral virtue, and a high degree of emotional intelligence.  These select few are the agencies “go-to” people for all tasks regardless of complexity. SWAT operators are agency leaders who are capable of working in any environment from highly volatile, unpredictable situations, to popular community educational events.


If your passion is to help build strong neighborhoods through proactive community policing, then the Community Response Impact Team, or CRIT, is for you! Those selected for the CRIT concentrate on addressing criminal activity, high crime areas, and problem properties that have a negative impact on the quality of life for citizens of Arvada.   CRIT provides support that concentrates law enforcement efforts towards achieving long-term problem resolution for problem areas. This is achieved through a collaborative effort by working with other City departments, Crime Prevention Education, and by building and maintaining a strong relationship with the community.


Promote Traffic Safety by as part of the 12- member traffic unit. Traffic officers work on both motorcycles and in marked and unmarked police vehicles.  Traffic officers enforce traffic laws as well as investigating and reconstructing crashes in 3-Dimensions using state of the art equipment and software.


Make a different in the lives of Arvada youth by becoming a School Resource Officer (SRO). SROs work out of their assigned school, coordinating with teachers, principals and the school district to impact the lives of Arvada youth. 


Recruiting Officers facilitate the testing and hiring of new officers, both laterals and recruits. They also assist in the hiring process of civilian non-sworn applicants within the police department. The Recruiting Officers also conduct thorough background investigations on potential new hires and assist with their transition to the police academy. In addition, the Recruiting Officers also attend community events, career fairs, and liaise with universities and colleges promoting the department. 


The Arvada Police Department has long maintained a reputation for its exemplary and well-rained officers. The Training Officer is responsible for coordinating and managing the training of all the members of the Police Department as well as maintaining their training files. The Training Officer ensures officers receive training which meets the mandates of the state legislature, POST, and department policy while also providing the newest and most innovative types of training available. 


Officers patrol the City of Arvada on a daily basis, able to deploy quickly to apprehend criminals, conduct park checks and perform intense area searches that would be difficult in a patrol car. Officers with are able to deploy IForce Patrol Bicycle's which have integrated emergency lights, sirens and battery power during their normal shift. Officers can also be assigned to Bicycle enforcement during special events such as the 4th of July Festival. Bicycle Patrol Officers must attend a 30-40 hour certification course, where they work on their riding ability in confined spaced, up and down stairs and in formations,  along with other specialty riding techniques normal riders would not normally face.  


The Cadre of Instructors is comprised on highly dedicated individuals who have an exact "attention to detail" trait. Training instructors in firearms, driving,  Taser, etc. are dedicated to teaching all of Arvada’s finest. For example, the Arvada's firearms training program is touted as one of the best in the region.  The agency deploys five different weapon systems requiring the instructor group to be highly skilled and well-versed.  These instructors work tirelessly to help all their students achieve success.  In addition to actual fire range work, driving, and or Taser deployment, instructors spend many hours in the classroom teaching students current use of force laws, historical use of force case law, less lethal options, intelligence gathering, state of the art tactics, communication and life priorities.

Property & Evidence

You might say Property and Evidence Techs are the unsung guardians of the proof.  They may not be capturing the criminals, but their meticulous efforts in preserving the chain of custody and integrity of over 10,000 items of evidence received annually, helps ensure that the prosecution has a strong case.  Property and Evidence Techs are trained in the best practices of evidence handling, packaging, and storage, requiring a true passion for detail and organization.