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The following criteria will cause the disqualification of an applicant from the selection process for any position with the Arvada Police Department.  

Drug/Alcohol Use

  • Use of marijuana in any form within the last year.
  • Any arrest for Driving Under the Influence for alcohol or drugs in the last five years, unless case was dismissed.
  • Influence of any other illegal drug within the last five years.
  • Any production, cultivation, transportation or sale of illegal drugs.
  • Any instance of fraudulently obtaining a prescription medication or controlled substance, or forging a  prescription order.
  • Evidence of current excessive alcohol use. 

Driving Record

  • Any citation for reckless driving or speed contest/drag racing in the last five years (determined by cited offense, not by plea disposition).
  • Any driver's license revocation, denial, suspension, or cancelation within the last five years.
  • Any driver's license revocation as a Habitual Traffic Offender.
  • Any Hit and Run accidents within the last five years.


  • Falsifying documentation of a college degree, transcript, or specialized training.
  • Falsifying documentation of law enforcement certification.
  • Knowingly falsifying requested information during the selection process.
  • Cheating on any portion of the selection process. 

Military Service

  • Any dishonorable discharge from military service.  

Criminal History

  • Conviction of any crimes prohibiting P.O.S.T Board certification (police officer applicants only).  To see "misdemeanors affecting certification" by P.O.S.T., go to Colorado POST Disqualifying Misdemeanors
  • Conviction of any domestic violence related offense.
  • Any felony conviction.
  • Any felony adjudication as a juvenile.
  • Self-admitted commission of any felony as an adult.
  • Applicant is currently subject to any restraining order pursuant to a domestic violence proceeding, or which prohibits them from possessing a firearm.
  • Any pattern of criminal activity (self admitted or otherwise). 


  • Falsified a written report.
  • Given perjured sworn testimony at any time as an adult.
  • Offering or paying a bribe at any time.
  • Current or former member or supporter of any group that seeks to alter the form of government of the United States of America by unconstitutional means. 
  • Prior conduct that could bring discredit upon the Department, or the individual

Previous Law Enforcement

  • Soliciting or accepting a bribe at any time as a law enforcement officer.
  • Giving false statements or falsifying a report at any time as a law enforcement officer.
  • Use of any illegal drug, on or off duty, while employed as a law enforcement officer.