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If you're interested in a career with the Arvada Police Department, please get in touch with one of our recruiting officers today or visit BeACop.CO

Are you looking for a challenging and rewarding career? If so, join the Arvada Police Department. It's true, our standards are high. We are only interested in hiring the best. Are you one of them? To be the best, we will be a diverse and inclusive police department.

The Arvada Police Department is committed to the philosophy and principles of community-oriented policing. We want to hire people who understand what community policing is all about, while at the same time, understand and address the criminal element in our community to make Arvada a safe place where people can live well. Does this sound interesting to you? The Arvada Police Department wants to hire people of character. We are looking for people who are a breed apart from the typical applicant. You will be doing a job that is understood by so few and critiqued by so many. To do this job well will require an abundance of character. In policing, there is no production schedule to adhere to; there is no manual that can be written to cover every situation and every contingency. It is the police officer's training, skill, and desire to succeed and to serve honorably that guide our day to day activities. Do you have the character we are looking for? If all this sounds appealing to you, contact one of our recruitment officers and get the process started. Respect. Dedication. Responsibility. This is the Arvada Police Department.

Contact Information

  •  E-mail:
  •  Officer Greg Miller: 720-898-6663
  •  Police Recruiter Lara Mitchell: 720-898-6912