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Looking for the Arvada Police Jobs main page? Visit Arvada Police Jobs.

As a police officer, you will be doing a job that is understood by few and critiqued by many. The Arvada Police Department is looking for candidates who are a breed apart from the typical applicant. To do this job well requires an abundance of character. 

In policing, there is no production schedule to adhere to; there is no manual that covers every situation and every contingency. It is the police officer's training, skill, and desire to succeed and to serve honorably that guide our day to day activities.

Do you have the character we are looking for? If this sounds appealing to you, contact one of our recruitment officers and get the process started.

Contact Information

  •  E-mail:
  •  Officer Greg Miller: 720-898-6663
  •  Police Recruiter Lara Mitchell: 720-898-6912

Respect. Dedication. Responsibility. This is the Arvada Police Department.