Street Maintenance

Curbs, Gutter and Sidewalk Replacement

The City inspects curb, gutter and sidewalk when requested by a citizen for replacement along their property or when a complaint is received about the curb, gutter and sidewalk along any property. Complaints against a property are treated as code enforcement actions and the property owner will be required to replace the concrete in accordance with the City's ordinance. The City's ordinance places responsibility for curb, gutter and sidewalk maintenance on the adjoining property owner, but the City will share the cost for curb, gutter and sidewalk replacement. This policy is called the 50/50 program and the City will pay half of the cost.

After the Street Maintenance Division receives a request or complaint to replace curb, gutter and sidewalk, an inspector will determine the quantity according to the replacement criteria. Information concerning the property owner and the concrete that needs to be replaced will be added to a database and the repair work will be done the following year by a contractor for the city. A notice with the property owner's 50 percent share will be sent before April 15 of the year that the work is to be done. The City has a no-interest installment payment plan to assist property owners with their share of the cost.

The cost for replacement varies with the type of curb, gutter and sidewalk. More detailed information about the 50/50 program, including an inspection and cost estimate to replace curb, gutter and sidewalk, can be obtained by calling the Streets Division at 720-898-7720.


Pavement Surface

The City of Arvada is responsible for the maintenance of all public streets in the city, with the exception of state highways.

To report dangerous street damage, a pothole that is a safety hazard and requires immediate attention or debris such as nails, glass or rocks in the street, please call the Streets Division Monday through Friday between 7:00 AM and 3:30 PM. For all other times please call the City Communications Center at 720-898-6900.

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