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Jobs Updated
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Current Opportunities We establish and maintain an effective work force to meet the needs of the citizens of Arvada. Our employees are dedicated to the City's Mission of delivering superior services to enhance the lives of everyone in our community. Our employees live our Vision...

Arvada Police Jobs Updated
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Arvada Police is now accepting certified and lateral applications.  The next entry-level application process will open on December 30, 2016 and close on January 27, 2017 for an anticipated July 2017 academy.  WOMEN AND MINORITIES ARE ENCOURAGED TO APPLY  EQUAL OPPORTUNITY...

Volunteer Victim Advocate Updated
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Victim Outreach Inc., Golden, CO General Information: Victim Outreach Inc. (VOI) is currently accepting applications for highly-motivated Volunteer Victim Advocates. In this position, you will work directly on scene with crime victims and with law enforcement officers.  VOI advocates are on...

Job Related Resources Updated
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The Job Related Resources links we have provided here may be a great starting point for finding the job-search information and resources you are looking...

City Benefits and Pay Updated
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The City of Arvada offers employees an excellent benefit package The City of Arvada values the contributions each employee makes every day toward the success of the organization and community. The importance of being able to provide our employees and their families with quality benefits as part of...

Volunteer Opportunities Updated
About / Jobs / Volunteer Opportunities

The City of Arvada utilizes volunteers in several areas of the organization and does not coordinate volunteers through a single application process. Please contact individual departments for more information. Arvada Police Department Follow the links to the left to learn more or to apply for...

Administrative Assistant -- Victim Outreach Incorporated Updated
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General Job Description VOI’s Administrative provides clerical support to Executive Director and other staff, maintains office supplies and equipment, answers the telephone and directs calls and help with special events. Additionally, he/she may assist with some bookkeeping (QuickBooks)...

Requirements Updated
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Age 21 years of age minimum. Education Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university (final semester college seniors are eligible to apply).  If your degree was obtained outside the United States or outside a US territory, an Equivalency Report from an educational...

Pre-Employment Polygraph Information Updated
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All candidates for employment with the Arvada Police Department are required to submit to a pre-employment polygraph. Below is a list of areas that will be explored during the polygraph. Complete disclosure of all information pertinent to employment with the Arvada Police Department. This...

Disqualifications Updated
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Disqualification Guidelines for All Police Department Applicants The following criteria will cause the disqualification of an applicant from the selection process for any position with the Arvada Police Department.   Drug/Alcohol Use Use of marijuana within the last three...