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Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program

The Arvada Housing Authority application process for the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program was completed as of FEBRUARY 5, 2015 and is now CLOSED.

Wait list information can be found on our RECORDING LINE ONLY at 720-898-7480.

See Public Notice under Related Links for more information.

About the Housing Choice Voucher Program

The HCV program is federally regulated and funded through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  This program offers rental assistance to very- low and extremely-low income families, individuals, the elderly and the disabled to afford safe, decent and sanitary housing in the private market.  Since housing assistance is provided on behalf of the family or individual, participants are able to find their own housing, including single family homes, townhomes and apartments. Participants pay rent based upon their income.  The HCV program rental subsidies cover the difference between the participant’s payment and the unit’s market rent.


Each household must have annual income below the following income limits in order to qualify for assistance.

Family Size

Very Low Income Limit

Extremely Low Income Limit

1 person



2 people



3 people



4 people



5 people



Upon selection from the waiting list, the household will be required to submit birth certificates, social security cards and income verification for all household members.  Adult household members will also be required to present a valid Colorado (or other state-issued) photo identification card.

Adult household members (18 years of age and older) will be required to sign a consent form authorizing a criminal background check.  If the household provides all required documentation and passes the criminal background check, the next step would be to attend an orientation to learn more about the HCV program and to receive a housing voucher.

What should I expect once I have found housing?

Once the participating family selects a suitable housing unit, a Request for Tenancy Approval (RFTA) is completed by the landlord and the participating family and then is submitted to the Housing Authority. Arvada Housing Authority reviews the proposed owner's lease to ensure it does not contain any prohibited provisions. AHA will then conduct a Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspection of the unit. The landlord and participating family then enter into a lease and AHA and the landlord enters into a Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) contract.

AHA does not discriminate on the basis of color, sex, religion, familial status, age or national origin. AHA provides reasonable accommodations to disabled applicants and participants to ensure programs and services are accessible.

If you or a person in your household is a person with a disability and needs a reasonable accommodation in order to fully participate in the Housing Choice Voucher program, please contact the Arvada Housing Authority at 720-898-7494;  FAX 720-898-7490 or TDD 720-898-7869  

  Accessability                                                                           Equal Housing Opportunity