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Attainable (Affordable) Housing

The availability of affordable housing offers many community benefits, including reduced commute time and stress, and improved neighborhood stability. Unfortunately, many Colorado residents spend more than 30% of their income on housing, and finding attainable housing has become a serious challenge. The City of Arvada is certainly impacted by this problem. Citizen ratings of housing affordability as being "good" or better fell from 45% in the 2013 Citizen Survey to 26% in the 2015 Citizen Survey.  

What is Arvada Doing?

The City is addressing these concerns in many ways. The City Council Strategic Plan includes the following strategic results related to housing:

  • By 2019, 25% of new housing will be located in neighborhoods or developments that incorporate a mix of lot sizes, development densities and housing types and styles.
  • By 2019, facilitate the development of one attainable senior housing development containing at least 50 units.
  • By December 2017, develop a map of potential sites appropriate/suitable for attainable housing developments to be used for City Council discussion and neighborhood outreach in association with the Hometown Colorado Initiative.

Following the adoption of the City Council Strategic Plan, the City tasked Leadership Team members to help find ways to bridge the housing gap for households with low and moderate incomes. The results stemming from that directive were presented to Council in August 2016:

Existing City Housing Programs

City Housing Initiatives

  • Bloomberg Challenge Application (Coming Soon)

City Partnerships with Other Agencies

The City, in partnership with other agencies, is studying a number of long term solutions. The following documents provide some context and background on the affordable/attainable housing issues facing Arvada and the State of Colorado.

Sample Ideas Being Explored Throughout the Country


Arvada Housing Authority

  •  Main Telephone Number: 720-898-7494