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Deep Frying This Holiday? Recycle Your Oil!

  • Published
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  • by City Manager

Each year the City of Arvada hosts a cooking oil recycling event. This recycling opportunity helps individuals and families dispose of their waste fryer oil after Thanksgiving, without sending hundreds of gallons of used cooking oil into landfills and municipal sewer systems throughout our region.

The event typically takes place the Saturday after Thanksgiving from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. at two Arvada Locations:

  • City of Arvada Streets Maintenance Facility
    6161 Old Wadsworth Boulevard
  • Indiana Service Center
    6701 Indiana Street

In 2015, the City partnered with Great West Biofuels, who uses cooking oil to produce biofuels. You may call Great West Biofuels at 303-294-0026 to make an appointment and drop off your used cooking oil at their facility, 5380 N. Franklin St, Denver, CO 80216. 


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