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Cooking Oil Recycle 

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Vegetable Oil Recycle

The Saturday after Thanksgiving; 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

  • Wadsworth City Shops at 6161 Olde Wadsworth Boulevard
  • Indiana Service Center at 6705 Indiana Street

It can be difficult to properly dispose of used cooking oil, and if you deep fry your Thanksgiving turkey, there could be plenty of it! Used cooking oil cannot be poured down the sink because it clogs pipes. It cannot be thrown into the trash, because the liquid will leak out of trash trucks.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, the City will partner with Great West Biofuels to recycle cooking oil at two Arvada locations. Great West Biofuels takes the used cooking oil and manufactures biodiesel fuel.

Tip: Frozen cooking oil is hard to handle. Keep used oil indoors prior to the recycling event so it is easier to empty your container and fill the barrel of cooking oil!

For more information, call 720-898-7811. ​


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