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Conservation (Sustain Arvada)

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Sustain arvada logoThe City of Arvada and elected leadership are committed to conservation, sustainability and resiliency. Following is a list of the many programs, policies and partnerships adopted by the the City of Arvada.

Green House Gas (GHG)

  • The City of Arvada recognizes the importance of sustainability for maintaining and enhancing the health of the community for present and future generations and recently completed its second city-wide GHG Inventory. To learn more about the emissions sectors being tracked, including energy, waste, materials consumption and more visit
  • Download the PDF of the City's 2017 Greenhouse Gas Inventory.

Energy Conservation

  • The City of Arvada is in the process of receiving SolSmart designation. SolSmart is designed to distinguish local government leadership in solar processes, programs, and procedures.
  • All major remodels and new City facilities require LEED Silver certification.
  • All office and interior building lights being converted to LEDs
  • Traffic signals being converted to LEDs
  • Solar panels installed at five locations totaling 765 kW
  • Partnership with Resource Smart Arvada - to provide energy efficiency upgrades for homes and businesses in Arvada
  • A  20-acre solar garden is planned with energy that can be sold to residents and businesses in the form of shares


  • Increased public transportation options through the opening of the G Line Commuter Rail
  • Bike and pedestrian connection improvements throughout the community; specifically integrated with our three commuter rail stops on the G Line
  • Bicycle recycle program and bicycle repair stations throughout the community to increase community access to non-motorized transportation options
  • Emphasis on dual fuel capability in vehicle purchases.
  • Installation of electric vehicle charging stations
  • Multi-modal transportation availability and connectivity: Introduced in the 2005 Comprehensive Plan and expanded in the 2014 Plan.

Community Agriculture


  • Tree City USA/Arbor Day Tree Planting with students
  • Trees Across Arvada--low cost tree purchase program for residents
  • Plant a Tree Program
  • Parks Department Forestry Division tree assessment now digitized as part of Arvada’s Forestry plan for its 13,000 + trees. The Forestry Plan includes strategies for tree diversification, preventative maintenance, spraying and injecting for pests and disease.

Waste Management

Water Conservation

Environmental Education


Where can I recycle hard-to-recycle and regular household items?

View the Recycling guide provided by the City of Arvada

 Recycling Guide



 What programs are available for me to help conserve energy?

Sustain Arvada, in collaboration with iCAST (International Center for Appropriate and Sustainable Technology), has launched ResourceSmart Arvada, a program that will save homes and businesses 20-30% on their energy and water consumption.

 What programs are available for me to help conserve water?

Sustain Arvada embraces the importance of water conservation. The City of Arvada has partnered with The Center for ReSource Conservation to bring the Garden In A Box programs to Arvada residents and businesses to help them reduce water consumption.