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FREE Leaf Recycling for Arvada Residents

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2016 Dates TBA--check back in the fall.

The City of Arvada offers free leaf recycling each year, usually on Saturdays during the month of November.

By participating in this program, Arvada residents help better their neighborhoods by keeping leaves out of the streets and storm drains, reduce trash, and create compost which can be used locally to improve our soils. All leaves collected are naturally recycled through composting over the winter.

For more information please contact Sustain Arvada at 720-898-7500.

Things to Keep in Mind During Free Leaf Recycle:

  • Any leaves in plastic bags will need to be emptied.
  • No large brush, branches or tree stumps will be accepted.  
  • Drop-off sites are for Arvada residents to use during the specified hours of operation.
  • Drop offs are not available for commercial landscaping businesses.

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