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Our Environment: How Can You Help?

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Everything that is on the street, parking lot, or driveway is washed into our streams, everything!

Dirty stormwater is generated from rainwater or snow melt picking up dirt, trash, oil and other contaminants.  Many people think that stormwater is treated or cleaned before it flows to our streams. Not true. Dirty stormwater goes directly into our streams.  Anything on streets, parking lots and driveways gets washed away.

There are several ways to help protect our streams and Arvada's environment for future generations.

Volunteer to pick up litter on a chosen route four or more times a year. The City posts a sign with your name on it.  Contracts are two years and can be extended for more. Click on the Adopt-A-Street link for more information.

The City of Arvada has 135 miles of hiking, biking and horseback riding trails throughout the parks and open space. The Adopt-A-Trail program utilizes volunteers to assist the Parks Department in keeping Arvada beautiful.  Click on the Adopt-A-Trail link for more information.

Your class or civic group can volunteer to place "No Dumping - Drains to Creek" medallions on storm drains. The medallions help communicate that storm drains should not be used to dispose of waste like paint, grass clippings, oil, or anything else generated in our neighborhoods.  Call 720-898-7800 if you would like to set up a volunteer day to apply medallions.

Fillup A. Can Days:
Fillup A. Can is a green, googly-eyed trash can who encourages residents to properly dispose of litter. Starting on Earth Day, April 22nd,  tons of litter is picked up from miles of streets, trails and waterways throughout the City by volunteers.  Click on the Fillup A Can Days link for more information.

Protect Waterways at Home:
Click on the link "What Can We Do to Protect Our Waterways?" to find out how each of us can help Arvada's environment at home.  Listed are 10 practical ways that we can make a difference, from picking up pet waste to washing cars on landscaping instead of the driveway.

Conserve Water:
Click on the Water Conservation link to find out how to conserve water at home and at work.

Recycle Trash:
Curbside recycling is offered by local garbage collectors and carry a fee of about $4 - $6 per month.  Many residents utilize these programs for their recycling efforts.  Click on the Recycling link for more information.

There are many ways we can volunteer to improve Arvada's environment. If you have ideas on additional ways to contribute, call us at 720-898-7760 or return to Arvada's home page and send an e-mail to Ask Arvada.  Let's all help "Keep Arvada Beautiful!"

Get Involved!

Learn more about Arvada's environment and what we can all do to keep Arvada beautiful. Tell your parents and teachers about the programs listed on this page. Discover new things about your neighborhood that you probably never knew before, and even do some cool things to help prevent water pollution.

The City of Arvada offers a variety of education programs available to local schools, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts and church groups to help kids learn more about Arvada's environment. These Programs include:

  • Storm drain marking,
  • Water sampling,
  • Litter clean up,
  • Water presentations, and
  • Field trips.

Call the City at 720-898-7000 to schedule a visit.