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Spring Curbside Clean Up

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Notice: The Curbside Clean-Up will NOT be offered in 2016. 

Where to Dispose of/Recycle

Learn where to dispose of or recycle items through SustainAbility Recycling Center, by searching our Recycling Guide or contacting a licensed trash hauler or the local landfill.



SustainAbility located in East Arvada is able to accommodate many common household and hard to recycle items.



Recycling Guide

Visit our Recycling Guide for information on where to recycle common household and hard to recycle items in the Metro area.

 Recycling Guide



Local Landfill

The landfill nearest Arvada is Republic Services Landfill located at 8900 CO-93, Golden, CO 80403. For hours and pricing information, contact them at 303-371-5115.

Recycle/Trash Haulers Licensed in Arvada

The City of Arvada does not provide trash or recycling services to Arvada residents. Residents have many options for recycling and disposing of household trash.

Download the PDF of Licensed Recycling/Trash Haulers.


About Curbside Clean-Up

This free, large-item curbside pickup and drop-off site for residences within the Arvada City limits is conducted every other year in odd-numbered years and is intended to assist citizens with the removal of large bulk items that trash companies charge extra to collect.

Please note:  This service is only provided to residents of the City of Arvada. This excludes unincorporated Jefferson County and Adams County residents.  Based on the map, determine the week for your area and place items at the curb by Monday at 7 AM.

For questions or more information, please contact the Streets Department at 720-898-7720.

2015 Project Totals

  • Week 1 Totals (May 4-8):  561.79 Tons of trash collected & 13 roll-offs (30 yards in size)
  • Week 2 Totals (May 11-15): 493.22 Tons of trash collected & 21 roll-offs (30 yard in size)
  • Week 3 Totals (May 18-22): 298.69 Tons of trash collected & 15 roll-offs (30 yard in size)
  • Total :  1,353.70 Tons of trash collected & 49 roll-offs (30 yard in size)

Items We Will Pick Up

  • furniture, mattresses, box springs, and frames
  • stoves, ovens, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers. Please keep in mind, that our crews WILL pick up appliances if they have space available in their trucks. These items will be taken to the landfill. As an alternative, please consider contacting Front Range Recycling Services, LLC at 720-588-0268. They will pick up your appliances for a small fee and will recycle them.
  • fencing (5' x 8' max size), railroad ties cut into 4 foot lengths or smaller, and lawn edging
  • sinks, toilets, bathtubs, lumber and drywall (8' max), carpet (6' rolls & 50 lbs), flooring, doors, and windows
  • water heaters, gas grills (no propane bottles), swing sets (disassembled), and bicycles (please consider recycling bikes at one of our bike recycle events rather than discarding them).

Items We Will  NOT  Pick Up

  • refrigerators, freezers, or any item with freon; microwave ovens  (see below for information on appliance and scrap metal removal)
  • wood stoves  (see below for information on free drop-off site or appliance and scrap metal removal)
  • televisions, computer monitors, and computers
  • garbage bags full of trash or loose debris that will fit into a garbage bag or trash can
  • trees, branches, or shrubs or trash that is mixed with trees, branches or shrubs
  • household chemicals and paint, fuel tanks or cans, batteries, propane bottles, or closed drums
  • gravel, asphalt, rock, sod, earth, concrete, brick, block, pavers, or roofing materials
  • tires off the rims  (four car or light truck tires may be brought to the free drop-off site)
  • engine blocks, car parts, or any small gas engine equipment  (see below for information on free drop-off site or appliance and scrap metal removal)
  • any item longer than eight feet
  • materials or debris from a private contractor’s work   
  • any item that cannot be safely lifted into a pickup truck by two workers


Drop Off Site: OFFERED ONLY DURING Spring Clean-Up Dates: 

City of Arvada Street Maintenance Facility, 6161 Olde Wadsworth Boulevard, 7:00 a.m - 5:00 p.m. Monday thru Saturday and closed Sunday. Drop Off items include: Tires (four maximum and off the rims), bicycles, lawn mowers, car parts, and metal items. A driver’s license or utility bill will be required as proof of City residency when dropping off any items.  There is NOT a drop-off site for trees, branches and shrubs.

For household chemical disposal, contact Rooney Road Recycling Center  at 151 S. Rooney Rd., Golden, Colorado.  Please call 303-316-6262 for price and appointment, list of accepted materials, directions, and cost information.

For YEAR ROUND Appliance and Scrap Metal Removal, contact Front Range Recycling Services, LLC at 720-588-0268 to schedule an appointment.

For other recycling resources please visit our Recycling Guide on our Sustainability page.