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Recycling Event Replaces Curbside Cleanup

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Free Drop Off Recycling Event May 2 - May 14. For a comprehensive list of ALL acceptable items and ALL Non-Acceptable items, please visit the SustainAbility website at

Free Two-Week Recycle Event

The City of Arvada, in partnership with SustainAbility, will be offering a FREE drop-off Recycling Event beginning Tuesday, May 2 thru Sunday, May 14.

Things to Note

  • SustainAbility is located at W. 54th Ave. and Marshall St. in Arvada.
  • Proof of Residency will be required.
  • Materials must be sorted by category prior to arrival at the site (all electronics together, all paint together, etc).
  • SustainAbility will be CLOSED Monday, May 8 and will not be offering drop-off that day.

Examples of Items that Will be Accepted

  • Electronics including TVs and Monitors
  • Appliances including ones containing Freon
  • Hard-to-Recycle Items including batteries, paint, mattresses and box springs.
  • Common Household Items including paper, cardboard and glass.

Examples of Items that Will NOT be Accepted

  • Furniture
  • Light Bulbs
  • Windows
  • Car Tires

For a comprehensive list of ALL acceptable items and ALL Non-Acceptable items, please visit the SustainAbility website at

Why the Curbside Cleanup Was Eliminated

Due to a lack of trash haulers interested in bidding on the curbside cleanup, coupled with the need to increase funding for street maintenance, Arvada decided to eliminate the curbside cleanup program.

The Arvada City Council analyzed several alternatives to provide residents with some opportunity to dispose of bulky items at no cost. In line with our commitment to sustainable practices, the City decided to offer a two-week drop-off recycling event in place of the curbside cleanup.

Questions may be directed to the City Manager's Office at 720-898-7500.

Year 'Round Recycling and Trash Disposal Information


SustainAbility is open year round and is located in East Arvada. They are able to accommodate many common household and hard to recycle items. Some items, if dropped outside the two-week recycle event, require a small drop fee.




Recycle/Trash Haulers Licensed in Arvada

For large item pickup, such as furniture, your local trash hauler will haul them away for an additional fee. Contact your local trash hauler to arrange pickup. ‚ÄčDownload the PDF of Licensed Recycling/Trash Haulers.

Household Chemical Disposal

Contact Rooney Road Recycling Center  at 151 S. Rooney Rd., Golden, Colorado. Visit the website for a list of accepted materials, directions, cost. and contact information.

 Rooney Road



Recycling Guide

Visit our Recycling Guide for information on where to recycle common household and hard to recycle items in the Metro area.

 Recycling Guide



Local Landfill

The landfill nearest Arvada is Republic Services Landfill located at 8900 CO-93, Golden, CO 80403. For hours and pricing information, contact them at 303-371-5115.