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ResourceSmart Arvada

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The City of Arvada, in collaboration with iCAST (International Center for Appropriate and Sustainable Technology), has launched ResourceSmart Arvada, a program designed to save homes and businesses 20-30% on their energy and water consumption.

ResourceSmart Arvada is a turn-key program offering a one-stop-shop approach that reduces energy and water use; increases comfort and safety; increases property values; provides access to rebates, incentives and financing options; creates local jobs; and reduces pollution.

The process starts with an energy assessment to identify any areas in the home that may be inefficient. Residents then receive a detailed report with costs, savings and payback details, so they can decide what improvements fit their needs.

Once participants decide what improvements they wish to implement, iCAST handles all the planning, including: selection of local sub-contractors, job supervision, quality checks, processing of eligible utility rebates and City incentives, access to financing options, invoicing and reporting to the City. Participants will see immediate savings that continue to grow each year.

Interested Arvada residents can simply sign up at or call 1-866-590-4377 to schedule an assessment.


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