Report a Spill

Would you know what to do if you saw a spill? Whenever something is flowing down the gutter that is not clean water, rainwater, or snow melt, it could be a spill. Gutters lead to inlets, which then flow into streams.

Example 1:  While driving down the road, your car runs over something and it hits hard under the car.The car seems to be running alright, so you drive it home and then see that it is leaking gasoline. What should you do?

Anytime gasoline or oil is involved, try to stop the leading edge of the flow with dirt, rags, anything that is available and call 911.  Emergency crews will respond.


Example 2:  You are taking a walk in your neighborhood and see a green substance flowing down the gutter. Could this be antifreeze, a substance deadly to animals, or could it be grass stained water? 

A green substance could be a number of things, possibly toxic. If you feel uncomfortable going to the source of the spill to determine what it is, call the City at 720-898-7800 or police dispatch at 720-898-6900. We will respond.


Example 3:  While looking out the window, you notice your neighbor washing paint brushes out in the gutter. Who do you call?

If you can, call your neighbor and let them know that washing anything out in the gutter is illegal, then call us. A warning will be issued, and if it happens again, a fine will be issued.


In each of these examples, a substance is flowing toward a stream.  Eventually, it will reach the stream if something is not done to stop the flow and clean it up. 

  • If you can, stop the flow by placing dirt, towels, or anything handy in front of the flow.
  • Call 911 if it needs immediate attention, like gas or oil.
  • Call the City if the spill is contained and someone should respond.

We thank you for helping protect Arvada's environment!

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