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School Resource Officers

The School Resource Officer Program dedicates an officer to the needs of a particular school's community. Arvada has eight School Resource Officers (SROs).  One is assigned to each of Arvada's three middle schools, one to each of four high schools, and one is shared among three of Arvada's elementary schools. 

SROs act as a liaison between the police department, the school, and the surrounding community. It is their mission to provide a safe and secure environment where students can thrive. SROs mentor students, present timely information in the classroom, and meet with parents and teachers.

They are often role models for their students, giving them sound advice and encouraging feelings of self-worth. We encourage you to read the biographies of our School Resource Officers.  

Elementary Schools

Officer Brad Gagon serves Arvada elementary schools on a rotating basis. 

Middle Schools

  • Arvada K-8 - Officer Ashley Apparito
  • North Arvada Middle School - Officer  Kevin Lewis 
  • Oberon Middle School - Officer Gordon Beesley

High Schools                               

  • Arvada High School - Officer Darron Walter
  • Arvada West High School - Officer John  Zubrinic
  • Ralston Valley High School - Officer Blaine Engdahl
  • Pomona High School - Officer Dana Gerber