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Arvada Fire Protection District

The Arvada Fire Protection District is a combination department comprised of volunteer and full time personnel. 

Although the primary emergency responsibilities include fire protection, emergency medical care, and hazardous material response, the fire district provides a number of additional public services. 

In order to enhance the safety of our citizens, the AFPD provides the following free services:

  • Home Safety Inspections
  • Smoke Detector Check and Installation
  • Child Safety Seat Installation
  • Citizen Fire Academy
  • Public Safety/Speakers Bureau

The Arvada Fire Protection District (AFPD) is an independent governmental entity providing essential emergency services relating to the preservation of life and property to the City of Arvada, sections of the City of Wheat Ridge and parts of unincorporated Jefferson County.

The AFPD prides itself on maintaining an outstanding delivery of emergency services.  We are a community oriented public service organization whose mission is to provide our customers with life safety and property conservation through quality fire protection, public education and professional service.


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Arvada Fire Protection District
Arvada Fire Protection District
Arvada Fire Protection District
Arvada Fire Protection District

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