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Being a Puffer Can Cost You

You may find more than a layer of frost on your windshield if you leave your car running unattended; you may have a ticket.

It is against the law to keep your car running unattended in the City of Arvada.

"When the weather gets cold, we see spikes in the number of puffers around town," said Arvada Police Detective Bill Johnson. "Puffers aren't just found in front of homes; they can be spotted in apartment complexes and even the parking lots of convenience stores."

Puffers refers to the puffs of smoke wafting from the tailpipe of a car left running.

"It takes a few seconds to steal a car left running unattended," said Detective Johnson. "We hope that by issuing tickets, it will reduce the number of puffers throughout the state, thereby drastically reducing the number of stolen cars when the weather gets colder."

Another problem with leaving your car running unattended is that it makes you a prime target for identity theft if your purse or wallet is left in the running vehicle.

Don't be a puffer!


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