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Operation Touchprint Program

The Arvada Police Department created a program to help deter check and credit card fraud and forgery. The TouchPrint program enables business owners to capture an identifiable fingerprint of a consumer on a check or credit card slip.

How it works

The TouchPrint program utilizes a small inkpad that allows the check writer or credit card user to leave an identifiable fingerprint on the check or credit card slip. If an act of fraud or forgery has been committed, the Arvada Police Department will utilize the touch print to enhance the opportunity for identification of the perpetrator, which can lead to successful prosecution of the case.

The touch print placed on the check or credit card slip is inkless, and does not stain the finger of the customer. In fact, the glycerin compound in the ink is the same component used in most hand lotions.

While the program is completely voluntary, documents including a touch print will have a greater likelihood of investigative success for the Arvada Police Department.

Dispelling Myths

A myth about the TouchPrint program is that police are collecting and keeping records on fingerprints captured by businesses participating in the program.

The Arvada Police Department does not collect or keep records of the print obtained by the business; rather investigators will only become involved in utilizing a touch print if a crime of fraud or forgery has been alleged. In these instances, the fingerprint is that of the offender and not the legitimate holder of the checking or credit card account.

More Information

For more information on the program, contact a member of the Arvada Police Department's Community Resource Impact Team at (720) 898-6572.