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Crimes Against Children

The Arvada Police Department places a high priority on crimes that occur against children.  This includes physical and/or sexual abuse experienced by children.  

Five full-time detectives are assigned to the investigation of child victimization.  The Arvada Police Department uses a multi-disciplinary team approach when investigating crimes against children.  That means the detectives work closely with other professionals, such as social workers, pediatricians, district attorney's office, and other police agencies, all with the goal in mind of best serving the children who are victims of crime.

Ralston House

The Ralston House (formerly the Arvada Child Advocacy Center) is the primary location where the children are brought to begin the investigations of the crimes against children.  At Ralston House, every child meets the help he or she needs at one place, without having to visit all the different agencies and repeating the information over and over to the various representatives of each agency. 

The police detectives work together with the team of other professionals at the Ralston House to provide a child with a friendly, forensically sound, investigation.  Other team professionals include a forensic therapist, a nurse practitioner and a victim advocate.

We are fortunate to have the Ralston House within our city limits.  Ralston House serves several jurisdictions and multiple police agencies in attending to child victims of crime.  You can click on the link in the right column to find out more about Ralston House.