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Ralston House

Ralston House, the only child advocacy center in Jefferson County, serves children and teens who are suspected of being sexually, physically, and/or emotionally abused. In partnership with law enforcement, social services and the district attorney’s office, Ralston House provides forensic interview services, medical services, and family/victim support services – all free of charge for victim families and investigative agencies. 

Ralston House Mission

The mission of Ralston House is to provide professional, comprehensive services for sexually, physically and/or emotionally abused children and their families in a safe place, so they can share their stories and begin to heal. 

Ralston House, formerly the Arvada Child Advocacy Center, has been operating for 18 years.  Ralston House was the second child advocacy in the State of Colorado, obtaining 501(c)3 status in the early 1990's.

We provide a child-friendly, neutral environment where police detectives, social workers, therapists and medical professionals can talk with children, and their families, in surroundings that lessen the anxiety of a child who has been assaulted or was a witness to abuse. An experienced Forensic Interviewer/Therapist interviews children in a compassionate, neutral manner, so as to not retraumatize the child or teen that has already undergone significant trauma.  A specially-trained Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner provides medical exams.

Ralston House is the only facility providing these specialized exams in the Denver metro area other than Children’s Hospital in Aurora.

Providing Help for Our Most Vulnerable Citizens

Ralston House provides services for some of Colorado’s most vulnerable citizens - innocent children and adolescents who have been sexually assaulted. 

We help these young people and their families start the healing process after being violated in the most vicious and horrifying of crimes.  They have a safe and friendly place to tell their stories and receive medical care, victim advocacy services and emotional support.

Ninety percent of child victims are assaulted by someone they know – a betrayal of innocence by a person they had trusted.

Children who are sexually abused and don’t receive help are at a greater risk than the general population of attempting suicide, developing eating disorders, abusing drugs and alcohol, and becoming an abuser themselves. 

We are able to assist the legal system in their efforts to hold offenders accountable, educate the community about the dangers of child abuse and how to protect our children, and reduce the trauma experienced by children who have been hurt, helping them to grow up healthy, and helping to restore stability to the family. 

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