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Apartment and Rental Community Safety

What do you look for when renting an apartment or home?

The safety features of the apartment property and the crime rate in the area should be a primary consideration, along with the amount of rent.  Other things to consider:

  •       Key control:  Who has copies of entry keys?  If the landlord cannot or will not tell you this information, request that the doors be re-keyed.  This means that the tumblers in the lock are reformatted, as opposed to having to entirely change out the lock
  •       Dead bolt lock:  If you uncomfortable with the locks on your door, ask the apartment manager if you can add your own deadbolt.  A key will have to be given to the landlord.  Keep it locked when you are home.
  •       Property in good repair:  Disorganization and decay invite criminals.  Your apartment property should keep mailboxes in good repair, along with the parking lot, painting, and general well-kept appearance
  •         Well-lit property:  All walkways, entrances, elevators, stairways, courtyards, and other public areas, along with common areas such as mailboxes, garbage receptacles, laundries, and parking areas, should have adequate lighting and illumination
  •         Know your neighbors:  there is additional safety in numbers.  Get to know your neighbors immediately around you and encourage watching out for one another        
  •      Suspicious persons:  if someone is hanging around the property or making you feel uncomfortable, contact your landlord or building manager.  If the activity appears criminal in nature, call the police

Arvada Police Department Commitment to Apartment Communities

The city's apartment residents are important members of our communities.  It is an area in which the Arvada Police Department wants all residents to feel secure.

Crime Free Multi-Housing Program

Four Impact Officers work directly with apartment managers and residents living in these communities.   The Community Response Impact Team are diligent in their efforts to improve quality of life in Arvada.

The Crime Free Multi Housing Program, developed by the Community Response Impact Team, is available to assist apartment communities and those who own rental properties incorporate design techniques to minimize crime as well as a process to screen potential renters to ensure a lower crime rate in these areas.

If you are interested in contacting the Community Response Impact Team, or would like more information about Crime Free Multi Housing, call 720-898-6883.




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