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Police Department's Neighbors Connected

The Arvada Police Department and the City of Arvada continually strive to build and maintain partnerships with its citizens. Through this partnership we can help identify and prevent crime, maintain our parks, keep our streets safe and our city beautiful. This partnership makes the quality of life for our citizens much more enjoyable.

How can we be successful?

In order for this partnership to be a success, there are several factors that must be considered.

  • The citizens must take ownership of their neighborhoods.
  • The city must educate our citizens about resources available.
  • Everyone must stay connected to each other and the resources.
  • Everyone must play a role.

Become a part of Neighbors Connected

To be a part of the Neighbors Connected program, the citizens must first gather their neighbors’ together (minimum of 6 households) and form a partnership with each other.

The Arvada Police Department will help the neighbors join together by providing a liaison for helpful tips to getting started.

Once the neighbors are connected the Arvada Police Department will attend one of the neighborhood group meetings to provide crime statistics, an overall assessment of the neighborhood, and the neighbors will establish a group name.

Requirements of Neighbors Connected

After the initial neighborhood meeting, the City of Arvada requires that the group participates in a minimum of two of the following:

  • Attend a crime prevention class (the police department schedules two classes a year).
  • Host a minimum of two additional neighborhood meetings for the group itself.
  • Host one of your neighborhood meetings on National Night Out (the first Tuesday in August). During this event, members of the Arvada Police Department will attend your meeting. We suggest having a block party.
  • Adopt a park in your neighborhood.
  • Adopt a street in your neighborhood.
  • Adopt a trail in your neighborhood.
  • Join the Citizen Police Academy.

Final Step

When the connected neighbors have completed the above requirements, the city will provide them with a Neighbors Connected street sign, displaying their commitment and connection to the program. Neighbors Connected must continue meeting in the future.

The City of Arvada is committed to connecting with our citizens.

Our hope is Arvada citizens will be Neighbors Connected.


For more information about Neighbors Connected, please call 720-898-6948.