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Neighborhood Grant Programs

Know Your Neighbor Grants for 2017 will be available April 1. Please check back for grant application.

Know Your Neighbor Grants

COMING APRIL 1! These small grants are for improving neighborhood relations by facilitating people getting to know one another. Neighbors may apply for $100 grants for block parties, event kick-offs, neighborhood clean-ups, holiday celebrations or other functions that build connections between neighbors.  

Neighborhood Small Activity Grants

APPLICATIONS ACCEPTED WHILE FUNDS AVAILABLE. Neighborhood Small Activity Grants are up to $500 and can be used to organize your neighborhood through such things as a neighborhood festival or creating a communication mechanism such as a website or newsletter. Download the application under Resources.

Neighborhood Improvement Grants

APPLICATION DEADLINE APRIL 3, 2017. Neighborhood Improvement Grants are larger grants for a neighborhood improvement or program which aids the neighborhood and brings people together. 

Some specific items pertaining to the Neighborhood Improvement Grants:

  • Grants are not allowed for deferred maintenance.
  • Grants must provide a public benefit and be publicly accessible.
  • Grants will only be awarded to organized neighborhood groups or those in the process of organizing.

Contact Neighborhood Engagement 

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