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Code Enforcement

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Our goal is to preserve a community for a lifetime.  To achieve this goal we must maintain and enhance existing commercial and residential areas. In order to ensure a safe community and a high quality living environment for the citizens of Arvada we are required to implement nuisance codes and zoning ordinances. Code Enforcement responds and resolves enforcement issues, reviews building and other permits, provides customer service and pro-actively removes illegal signage from the city right of way. 

Register a Complaint                            

There are several ways that you may register a complaint

  • Online -  Ask Arvada is our online question database that will  let you register a complaint online.  This is the most efficient way to enter a complaint.
     Go To Ask Arvada

  • Email - Please send an e-mail to The email should include the address of the property in question and a brief description of the concern or type of violation.  Please note if you would like feedback in reference to the matter.
  • Phone - Call (720) 898-7465 to connect to our specially trained customer service representatives who are ready to help you with your request.
  • Walk Ins and Mail - You may also register a complaint via mail or by simply stopping by and speaking with a representative of our department at City Hall.

Other Programs and Services

  • Community Mediation
  • Adopt-A-Neighbor
  • Community Clean-Ups

House surrounded by overgrown vegetation


Featured Tip

Remember that all grass and weeds have to be kept below 12 inches.  It isn't just an eyesore.  It can also be a fire hazard.



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Ask Arvada Topics

Get answers to common questions!

Abandoned Refrigerators

IPMC 308.2.2 It shall be unlawful for any person to abandon or leave unattended any container which has an airtight door or lid without first removing such door.Sec. 62-53.  Abandoned refrigerato...

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Businesses in the Home

All permitted home occupations shall meet all requirements of the City code. View more information regarding allowed businesses in the home.  To ask a question or make a request on this topi...

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Construction Site Issues

Sec. 90-2. All construction and demolition contractors are to provide on-site refuse containers for debris, etc.   Construction sites and demolition sites All construction and demolition contract...

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Definition of Family Members

The definition of what constitutes a family is contained in the City’s Land Development Code. View more information regarding definition of family members.  To ask a question or make a req...

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Door to Door Sales

There is no law that prohibits salesmen from going door to door in the City of Arvada.  We do require anyone involved in a retail sales business to register with the sales tax office and pay sale...

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A permit is required to build or replace a fence.  The fencing requirements are listed in the Land Development Code. View more information regarding fences.  After reviewing all the fencin...

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It is unlawful to permit graffiti to remain on any property.Sec. 18.8.  I.P.M.C. - Section 302.9, Defacement of property. Section 302.9, Defacement of property,  "All unlawful acts of graffi...

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Group Homes

All group living facilities are subject to requirements of the City code. View more information regarding group homes.  To ask a question or make a request on this topic, submit a ser...

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Illegal Signs

All signs require a permit.  Signs are not allowed to be displayed on public streets, sidewalks, attached to utility poles or stakes, on traffic devices, or within street medians. View more info...

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Junked, Abandoned, Inoperable or Unlicensed Vehicles

To report a violation of this code, contact the Police Department if the vehicle is on public right of way (streets, sidewalks, etc.) at 720-898-6900, or contact Code Enforcement if the vehicle is on ...

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Licensing Requirement/Contractors

In the City of Arvada, all contractors must be licensed to do work within the City.     Sec. 18-72.  Responsibilities. All licensees shall be responsible for any work requirin...

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The complete noise ordinance is rather long and is broken into numerous sections. We recommend you check City Ordinance 38-62 if you want to get all of the specifics. Basically, the time for quiet h...

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Obstructions on Streets, Sidewalks, and Crosswalks

Sec. 94-2. It is unlawful to obstruct any public street, sidewalk, or crosswalks.  Obstruction of sidewalks and crosswalks.(a)  No person shall occupy any crosswalk or any private cross...

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Other (Code Enforcement)

Code Enforcement's goal is to preserve and enhance existing commercial and residential areas as quality areas to live and shop, and to provide a quality living environment for the citizens of Arv...

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Parking "For Sale" Vehicles

Private Property: It is unlawful for persons to park vehicles on private property belonging to someone else for the principal purpose of selling the vehicle. Public Streets or Sidewalks:  It is u...

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Parking Surfaces

All off-street parking spaces are required to be improved with asphalt, concrete, or other approved equivalent surface. View more information regarding parking surfaces.  To ask a question...

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Potholes on Business Properties

It is the responsibility of the proprietor to promptly fill and repair all breaks in the parking lot surface. Sec. 18-413.  I.P.M.C. - Section 302.3.1, Parking lots. Sec. 18.8-302.3.1 18.8-302.3....

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Recreational Vehicles Parked on Streets

Recreational vehicles are not allowed to be stored on a public street.Sec. 54-174. Parking, storage and use of major recreational equipment. The Model Traffic Code is hereby amended to read as follows...

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Semi-Trucks and Large Vehicles

Semi-trucks and large vehicles (to include dump trucks)are not allowed in residential areas except for loading and unloading.Sec. 54-54.  Article I, section 513. Parking of major vehicles in resi...

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Setbacks for Property Lines

Prior to construction of additions, or structures, all distances from property lines (setbacks) must comply with the City code. View more information regarding building distances from property lines (...

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The Smoking Restricted in Public Places Ordinance (Chapter 38, Article 8) regulates smoking in public places and work areas. Smoking is prohibited in all public places including: RestaurantsOutdoor Ea...

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Snow and Ice on Sidewalks

It is the responsibility of property owners to remove snow, ice and slush within 24 hours after the snow has stopped falling. 18.8-302.3.3. Snow removal generally.  The owner of any premises oth...

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Street Corner Sight/Visibility

There is a minimum sight distance provided at all street corners. View more information regarding street corner sight/visibility obstruction.  To ask a question or make a request on this t...

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Street Vendors

Displays by Artists:  All vendors are required to obtain a temporary use permit.  Artist displays are allowed only in Olde Town (B-3 zoning district).Food Carts:  All food cart vendors ...

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Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs

All swimming pools and hot tubs (containing water more than 24 inches in depth) require a permit, and shall be enclosed with a minimum wall, structure, or fence with a self-closing, self-latching gate...

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Trash and Rubbish or Garbage

It is unlawful to accumulate and store rubbish, garbage  and debris on property. Sec. 18.8-308.4.  I.P.M.C. - Section 308.4, Removal of rubbish or garbage.18.8-308.4. Removal of rubbish or g...

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Use of Property

Property uses are determined by the zoning districts designated for the site. View more information regarding the Use Table. To ask a question or make a request on this topic, please submit...

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All vegetation, including grass/brush or weeds, may not exceed 12 inches in height. 18.8-302.4. Weeds.  All premises and exterior property shall be maintained free from weeds or dead plant growth...

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