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Keep Arvada Beautiful by volunteering for the Adopt-A-Street Program, and collect litter from our community streets, parks, green belts, and waterways.  

It is easy to participate in the Adopt-A-Street effort; individuals or groups can volunteer to pickup litter on streets in Arvada all year round!  Signs are posted on the adopted streets to recognize the efforts of volunteers, civic groups, churches, or businesses.

Routes are selected from a priority list. If you know of a street that needs cleaned but it is not on our list, suggest it and we can make it a route. Volunteers enter into a written agreement with the City and agree to clean the adopted street or site a minimum of four times per year.

The City provides trash bags and safety vests, and will collect the filled bags when the volunteers have completed the litter pickup.

The program is designed to help keep Arvada clean and attractive for its citizens. Thank you for considering the adoption of a street! For more information, please contact the Public Works Department, 720-898-7811.  You may also submit a service request for this item in the 'Submit a Service Request to Adopt a Street" in the Related Links on the right.