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Sales and Use Tax and Business Licensing

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How Do I Get a Sales and Use Tax License?

The City of Arvada does not require a sales and use tax license, however it does require a business license which will generate a sales and use tax return.

What Type of Businesses Require a Business License?

All businesses located within the City are required to obtain a business license. Service based businesses and others that do not make taxable sales are also required to be licensed in the City and file a tax return based on their filing frequency. Non-profit organizations should also have a business license but no sales and use tax returns are required.

Why Should My Business be Licensed?

Licensing your business helps the City build relationships with local businesses, identifies business contacts for emergency purposes, provides contact for business outreach and notification due to potential issues, ensures zoning compliance, and establishes a sales and use tax account for required tax return filing.

How Do I Apply for a Business License?

Businesses can apply for a business license on-line, in person or via a hard copy application. Licenses are generally processed within 10 business days. The license is free and does not expire.

What is the Tax Rate for Arvada?

Arvada is a home-ruled City which means Arvada collects its own tax. The City tax rate is 3.46% for sales and use tax, 2% for lodgers tax and 4% for admissions tax. 

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