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Urban Renewal Areas

The City of Arvada currently has various Urban Renewal Areas where redevelopment projects occur.

Parcels and Addresses

Online interactive map to provide Parcel and Address information to citizens and city staff.

Land Use Plan

The Comprehensive Plan is a guide to help the City make decisions and establish its future direction. This maps shows future land use categories and is also known as the Comp Plan.

Development Projects

Map showing locations of proposed and approved development projects. The lists and map show what phase of the approval process each project is in along with various other key information about each project.

Address Search and Property Information

Search over 400,000 address records in and around Arvada to verify City and County Jurisdiction. For addresses in Arvada use the "Map and Info" link to find out detailed property information such as, Zoning, Council Districts, Voting Districts, Assessor info and more.

Zoning Districts

Zoning Districts are created by dividing areas of land use and structures into certain categories. Zoning districts can also include restrictions such as, height, building density, and types of businesses. Generally zoning districts are divided into residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial categories.