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Fire Districts

Arvada, Fairmount, Coal Creek Canyon, and Southwest Adams County Fire Districts are the 4 Fire Districts that serve Arvada and surrounding areas. These Districts are separate from the City of Arvada but provide Fire and EMS services to our area.


Arvada and the surrounding area has roughly 230 miles of trails and bike lanes in our trail network. This layer shows the location of the bike, pedestrian, and equestrian trails and bike lanes in the network.

Street Centerline

Street centerline data shows where public right of way exists in the city and the surrounding areas. Centerline data contains street name and address range data for use in geocoding operations.

Zoning Districts

Zoning Districts are created by dividing areas of land use and structures into certain categories. Zoning districts can also include restrictions such as, height, building density, and types of businesses. Generally zoning districts are divided into residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial categories.


A parcel is any division of land held under one ownership, regardless of size. County Assessor's offices maintain these land records according to the legally-defined ownership boundaries and assigns each parcel a unique parcel identification number, or PIN, for recording purposes. The PIN becomes the universal method of referencing that particular property for the purposes of taxation, zoning, mortgages, liens, etc.

Arvada Internet Mapping Service (AIMS)

Online interactive map using ESRI IMS technology to provide over 30 GIS layers to citizens and staff. This application is being phased out and replaced by other online applications that provide a more user friendly interface. However, this application still proves useful for some users.

Arvada Statistics

Statistics for Arvada are collected annually about the population demographics, city land area, building permits, water consumption, and the number of miles in our utility and road networks. These statistics have been collected from 1950 to the present and are summarized in this document.

Historic Districts

The Arvada Downtown, Reno Park, Stocke-Walter and the Churches Ranch Historic Districts are the 4 historic districts located in Arvada.

Aerial Imagery

This interactive map allows users to compare the different years of aerial imagery. Aerial imagery is provided to the City of Arvada through a DRCOG project where imagery is gathered on a two year cycle. The 2008 imagery has a 6" resolution while the 2006 and 2004 imagery had a 12" resolution.


This parks and open space layer shows the polygon areas for neighborhood parks, local golf courses, sports complexes, county open space areas, and a National Wildlife Refuge that are located in and around the City of Arvada.